Hiring a doula could be one of the greatest gifts you spend your money on during this time of bringing a baby into the world. Breastfeeding Arts offers complete Labor Support and Post Partum Doula care to meet your every birthing and post partum need.

What is a Doula?

There is a strong and ancient history of women supporting women in childbirth, new motherhood & breastfeeding. The idea goes back thousands of years to a time when women knew what to do and the village sisters gathered round to help.

The tradition continues today in the sisterhood we create as we enter into our childbearing year. When a woman lacks support and trust she is at risk of feeling insecure and isolated. Hiring a doula insures that she will never be left alone on this journey. Your doula is your guardian of safety and trust, who you can count on for experience, wisdom, and unconditional love as you become the mother you are meant to be!

There are two kinds of doulas:

A labor support or birth doula is one who is there for you during labor and childbirth with experience and wisdom. She will be with you from start to end, to help you feel safely held throughout your entire childbirth journey. Click here for more on Labor Support & Fees.

A post partum doula is one who helps you ease into new motherhood by being there for you in those first few weeks after your baby is born, with mother-baby dyad experience in bonding, attachment and breastfeeding wisdom, she helps you through gently supporting your every motherly instinct and fostering a setting in which you can grow and learn without the pressures of what others might expect of you. Click here for more on Post Partum Care & Fees


Labor Support

Deirdre McLary is professional doula having attended well over 200 births since she began in 1997. She has experience in all settings; hospital, birth center and home. Deirdre has also worked as a midwifery assistant through her schooling with The National College of Midwifery. Much of this work is in the homebirth setting and this is where she is particularly comfortable and talented - natural childbirth in its most primal setting, intervention free, the way Mother Nature intended.

When you hire a labor support doula, you can expect:

While You're Pregnant

  • Free Introductory consultation
  • Prenatal visit in your home
  • Living locally? Coffee, tea, walk in the park when needed
  • Discussion of birth preferences, goals, desires, .birth plan.
  • Open and frequent dialog about emotional & physical aspects of your pregnancy
  • Client confidentiality and loyalty

    While You're Laboring

  • Support for the laboring family at home and assistance in determining when to leave for hospital/birth center
  • Comforting touch and emotional support
  • Relaxation and visualization techniques
  • Effective positions for labor and birth, Optimal Fetal Positioning

    Hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy

  • Breath Awareness
  • Continuous care through hospital shift changes


    When Baby Arrives

  • Assistance with initial breastfeeding, .first latch.
  • Help in creating calm transition from labor & delivery into new motherhood
  • Remaining with the new family for several hours post partum
  • Post Partum visit in your home, review of birth story, time line
  • Extensive resources and referrals regarding newborn care, breastfeeding, parenting and new mommies groups

    Your complete labor support package is $1500. This includes my skills as an IBCLC, with instruction and assessment both prenatally and at your post partum visit. Please inquire about private IBCLC care if you feel you'd like further breastfeeding support.

    For repeat clients, or second time birthing families, I offer a labor and birth only deal of $800. We connect via phone and email, and I show up for just the birth with a single lactation check & post partum visit in the first week.

    We believe every woman should have a doula if she desires so payment plans are available. Please call or email to discuss your needs and set up a consultation.

    A $600 non-refundable retainer fee is expected upon hiring.


    Post Partum Doula Care

    The Post Partum period, The Babymoon, the weeks and months after baby is born, the fourth trimester, 9 months up and 9 months down - it all means the same thing, it is the powerful and sacred time where a new mother begins to define herself as a parent.

    Ideally this time is spent with as minimal interruption to the process as possible. This is how a Post Partum Doula will serve you - to protect and value the new mother-baby pair, and the divine and powerful work the mother has just done by giving birth. A doula will help a new mother find her strong intuitive mother-sense through supportive and compassionate wise-woman care.

    Having three children of her own, Deirdre McLary brings to her Post Partum practice over a decade of mothering wisdom and experience

    When you hire a post partum doula, you can expect:

    Services and Instruction

  • breastfeeding knowledge and support*
  • nutritional awareness and the critical nature of mother well being effecting baby well being
  • natural cues of the newborn and new born care
  • mentoring and nurturing intuitive parenting
  • nursery organizing
  • meal preparation
  • resource list support, creating community and sisterhood in your area
  • fielding visitors, protecting the babymoon space
  • light cleaning, laundry, errands

    *NOTE: Fees are different for IBCLC/Lactation Consultation visits . the role of breastfeeding support in the post partum plan is for the .normal course of breastfeeding.. Should your need be more complicated it is recommended that you seek the experienced help of a board certified lactation consultant)


    Journey To Motherhood
    A single day hire: This is a lovely idea for those parents who may not feel they need the long-term services of an extended doula contract, but would like some initial support. Perfect for helping ease you into your new role as parent. We check in with you by helping with initial breastfeeding and good latch positioning, baby bathing, sleeping, and soothing techniques, normal newborn cues, and help with nursery arrangement and set up. Makes a great gift!
    Fee: $275 for 5 hours.

    Contracted Post Partum Care
    Two or more days. There is a 2 hour minimum and 5 hour maximum per day. The initial post partum contract is for 10 hours or more. We generally do not book less than 10 hours at a time. Upon hire you will be sent a contract for the agreed upon hours. If you would like additional hours after the original contract is complete, a second contract will be drawn up.
    Fee: $40 an hour.

    Over Night Doula Care
    From 9pm to 7am. There for you as you adjust to sleepless nights, breastfeeding in the dark and navigating the newness of it all.
    Fee: $350 per night.