Why hire a private lactation consultant?

Breastfeeding is an ancient and natural act, but for many women it does not always come easy. Problems may arise and having a skilled professional come to your home can make all the difference.

In home lactation consultation is for women whose challenges and difficulties go beyond "the normal course of breastfeeding" and who find they are struggling to maintain balance and confidence in the process.

A home visit involves physical exam of mother's breasts, areola, nipples, and milk supply, as well as review of pregnancy and labor events. Baby's suckling ability, mouth structures, head and neck features, weight, and ability to transfer milk from breasts during feeding are also examined. Mother's breastfeeding technique is observed and teaching takes place to enhance the breastfeeding experience and to help a new mother on her journey.

What is an IBCLC?

The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) or Registered Lactation Consultant (RLC) credential identifies a knowledgeable and experienced member of the maternal-child health team who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. IBCLCs are certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners Inc. under the direction of the US National Commission for Certifying Agencies. IBCLCs work in a variety of health care settings including hospitals, pediatric offices, public health clinics, and in private practice.

Spending the money on an IBCLC now can help you maintain a long and healthy breastfeeding relationship. The known medical benefits of breastfeeding, to both mother and baby, make hiring an IBCLC to help you succeed well worth it.

Initial visit generally lasts 1.5 - 2 hours with follow-up visits lasting about 1 hour.

Reasons to hire an IBCLC

  • An early visit to assure getting off to a good start, proper position and latch
  • Inadequate weight gain, struggling to transfer milk from breast to baby, milk supply issues (low milk supply, over abundance)
  • Latching difficulties, pain, cracked nipples, plugged ducts, engorgement, mastitis, thrush
  • Breastfeeding a baby with medical issues
  • Challenges with maintaining your milk supply
  • Returning to work, using breast pumps and bottles
  • Breastfeeding after breast surgery
  • Breastfeeding multiples, tandem
  • Any other breastfeeding challenge or concern

    Does insurance pay for an IBCLC?

    Some insurance companies do cover for this service, while others do not. It is advised to call your insurance company and discuss the coverage available. You will be billed for services provided at the time of the consultation and given an insurance bill to submit to your healthcare insurance company. It is sometimes helpful to also obtain a physician's letter or prescription for a lactation consultant services and/or breastfeeding equipment and submit this with your claim.


    Initial IBCLC Consult in your home
    Thorough evaluation, assessment, and goal setting.
    Average time spent 2+ hrs. $185.00

    Follow up visits in your home (if necessary)
    Continued progress, evaluation.
    Average time spent 1 hour. $95

    A block of 4 hours
    Boost confidence during this longer visit for multiple feeds,
    education & support. $395

    Phone Consultations
    First 10 minutes free, then $25 every 15 minutes.

    Private Prenatal Class
    Breastfeeding & Newborn class while pregnant, in your home. $195

    If you prefer to come to me, visits in my home office.
    $145 initial, $60 follow up

    Add $40 for New York City consults for tolls, gas, and parking.

    Talk to Deirdre about visits in Dr. Kenneth Zatz.s office where she is on staff three days a week as in-house IBCLC. You must be a patient of his for this service. Services include comprehensive lactation consultations, weight checks and assessment and follow up.

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