Deirdre McLary is the founder of Breastfeeding Arts & Nyack Birth Services. She has been working with families in Rockland County and NY Metropolitan area since 1997. She is deeply committed to raising childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting awareness throughout the area and seeks to open hearts and minds to compassionate, holistic options for anyone who seeks them.

She is a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), labor support and post partum doula, La Leche League leader, childbirth educator, and new parent mentor. She has worked as a homebirth midwifery assistant through her studies with The National College of Midwifery.

She lives in Upper Nyack with her husband, three children and two turtles.

For more information you may contact Deirdre at, or call her at (845) 323-8977

I continue to honor the strength & power of all women & mothers, each one guided by instinct. This journey to motherhood is transformative. It.s about beautiful, healthy women birthing & breastfeeding into intuitive, wise, and compassionate beings. Our bodies know what to do, the knowledge to give birth and breastfeed resides in us all. Sometimes we just need help awakening to it!
Deirdre ~


Lenora Mesibov has been helping families in Rockland and Bergen counties since 1994. She is focused on attachment parenting through birth, breastfeeding and beyond and believes a strong healthy start is best for baby and mother. Lenora is committed to providing holistic, heartfelt support for families in the NY Metropolitan are.

Lenora is a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), a La Leche League Leader, new parent mentor, Girl Scout Leader for two troops and a costume designer for a local children's theatre. She lives in Tappan, NY with her husband, three children, one cat, two turtles and about 20 fish.

For more information contact Lenora at, or call her at 845-365-3917.

In the tribal worldview, every aspect of the natural world has its own spirit. This invisible presence is the Goddess. Women are Goddesses of love, life, health, healing, victory, wisdom and motherhood. We are here to help you bring forth your inner Goddess wisdom as you birth and breastfeed your children. No relationship we form can ever be as close or profound.
Lenora ~


"When God thought of Mother, he must have laughed with satisfaction, and framed it quickly - so rich, so deep, so divine, so full of soul, power, and beauty, was the conception."
Henry Ward Beecher ~